About Togar Company

Togar Company Provides many different departments of interest to everyone, everywhere.
For example, Togar Productions.

Togar Productions is Togar Company’s Production Department, where all productions, Whether it be an animated movie or short, or music, is made by our hard working producers and animators.

You can see a full list of each Togar Department HERE

There’s many things people want done, but cant find the right people to do it for them. Togar Company has you covered. Most of, if not, all of our Departments produce free content. So really your the winner here!

Togar Company was founded in 2019 by Aiden Desjarlais & Aiden Peters.
Firstly being named A&A Media (2019), then Togar Media (2020), then Togar Company (2021-Forever) We plan on making the world a brighter place, not just for us, but for everyone. Who cares about money when you can make someone’s day much more easier/better?